How to Get More YouTube Subscribers By Being Consistent


dreNote from Tom – This is a guest post from Basketball and YouTube professional Dre Baldwin.

I first heard Dre speaking about his incredible YouTube experience on the Niche Pursuits Podcast and knew that his philosophies on the platform would certainly be an inspiration to you guys.

You can learn more about Dre at but for now take it away Dre…

Let’s say you wake up tomorrow at 5 AM. You want coffee and a donut. There’s none of either in the house.

Where do you go?

At 5 AM, there are not many options. If you live in the USA, I see only one option: Dunkin Donuts.

Why Dunkin?

The coffee ain’t always fresh. I love bakeries, so I know you can find tastier pastries. But Dunkin is still the only choice, and I’ll tell you why.

Every day, at any DD worldwide at 5 or 6 am, the lights come on. The coffee is brewing, and the donuts are on display.


Dunkin Donuts’ brand is based on their reputation for consistency. You know what to expect and exactly what you’re gonna get. And they deliver. Every single day.

What does this have to do with your YouTube channel/brand/business?

Your fans and customers need to know what they’re going to get from you. And you are going to deliver it. Build up and invest in that trust over time, and you carve out your own real estate in this very crowded space.

Dunkin doesn’t compete on quality. You may not be the top insurance salesperson, best dog frisbee channel, or the smartest How-To-Beat-Traffic-Citations expert on YouTube.

But you can be the most persistent. You can be the most dependable when it comes to sharing fresh new content. You can set a schedule that you stick to, earning you more trust than the creators who post only when they feel like it or get around to it.

Consistency is a skill. Continue reading…

Follow These 10 Blogs To Improve Your YouTube Results

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As a certified YouTube Channel Manager and Blogger here at FAQ Tube I would consider myself somewhat of an expert on the platform.

I’m responsible for channels that have millions of subscribers and gain tens of millions of views every month but with YouTube’s wide and ever-changing capabilities I’m still very much learning.

There are areas that I have less expertise in than I would like and when I need information on these subjects I’m lucky that there’s such a vibrant and growing online video community to reach out to and learn from.

In this article I’ll share with you some of my go-to blogs where you can find a huge wealth of information that’ll help you on your search for YouTube excellence.

I want to let you know that I have no relationships with any of the blogs mentioned here. I’m only promoting them due their sheer awesomeness and the likelihood that they’ll help you achieve the results you want on YouTube.

10 Blogs to follow that will help boost your YouTube results (in no particular order)

  • DIY Video Guy

calebName: Caleb Wojcik


Why you should follow:

I stated from the very start of this blog that I will NOT teach you about video production.

I’m not a content guy, I’m a platform guy.

Luckily there are people out there like Caleb who are content and production experts who can help. Caleb’s blog (this iteration anyway) is still in relatively early stages but his posts are thoughtful and informative and from the accompanying videos you can see that he knows what he’s talking about.

I’ve not yet signed up to Caleb’s Guide so I can’t officially endorse it but what I can say from following Caleb for a number of years through his work at Fizzle is that he’s an online genius and general stand-up guy so I can imagine it to be extremely useful. Continue reading…

The Definitive Guide To YouTube Tags

bbq example tags

Good metadata is the foundation of a successful YouTube channel. Along with your optimized YouTube video Titles and Descriptions, Tags make up the foundations of your videos’ SEO and play a huge role in a winning YouTube strategy. With optimal Tags in place not only will your individual videos rank higher in Search and be surfaced […]

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How To View A Private Video On YouTube & Private Videos Explained

youtube private video sad face

In my involvement in the YouTube community I’m surprised how many questions about Private YouTube videos arise. I thought this was a straightforward feature but on closer inspection I can see how people become confused. In this article I’ll answer common questions and explain Private Videos and the options that surround them. Firstly here’s how […]

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Embed A Youtube Video With Custom Start & End Points

youtube embed instructions

Embedding a YouTube video on your website can be great for the SEO of your website (and the YouTube video you’ve embedded) as it improves the average session time on your page. It also adds to the user experience making them more likely to consume more of your content as it lends you more authority […]

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Get More YouTube Views For Your Old Videos | FAQ #5

pay for youtube views 301

This question comes from @salemiscreative via twitter. Do you have any advice about how to get an old popular video that is stale more attention? The freshness of a video is a huge ranking factor for the YouTube algorithm and because of this it can be easy to get hung up on your latest video. […]

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Improve Your Site’s SEO With YouTube Backlinks

youtube video description links

The Internet is built on Backlinks. It’s Google’s number one factor in discovering and ranking websites and without doubt the source of those backlinks is becoming increasingly important. YouTube is one of the largest and most visited sites in the world and if its Domain Authority of 100 isn’t enough it’s also owned by Google […]

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Create An Unsubscribed Trailer To Increase YouTube Subscribers

smosh unsubscribed trailer

An optimized YouTube Channel Page is a great way to showcase your channel and what it has to offer and the most important element of this is undoubtedly the Unsubscribed Trailer or Channel Trailer. This video plays automatically when someone visits your channel and is your best chance to convert them from a browser into […]

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