How to optimize a YouTube Thumbnail

unbranded youtube thumbnails

“A picture is worth a thousand words” goes the popular saying.

Which is useful because you don’t get anywhere near a thousand words to try and convince someone to watch your YouTube video.

Along with Tags and Titles, YouTube Thumbnails are one of the cornerstones of a successful channel.

That being said the YouTube Creator Playbook only dedicates a few column inches on the subject of thumbnails and so I’m going to expand on their advice and give a few extra tips that I use to make sure that my videos get watched.


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Achieve better views & SEO with YouTube Video Descriptions

Raymond Chandler quote

A good description can do many things.

Take you to a world you’ve never been. Let you see things that don’t exist. Tantalise. Tease. And Titillate.

It can also get you more views on YouTube and that’s what I’m going to help you with today.

Like any aspect of your YouTube channel, video descriptions have two functions:

1) To help your content get discovered with solid video SEO

2) To encourage clicks once it’s presented to the audience

But the video description has a very powerful third aspect that the other cornerstones (titles, tags, thumbnails) don’t.

The ability to link off-platform.

This is a feature that can be hugely important and one that I will go into much more detail on shortly.

The optimization of descriptions was already key but with the new expansion of the above-the fold section, now is the time to make sure that your descriptions are fulfilling their potential.

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How to write YouTube titles that increase views

youtube titles increase views

YouTube optimization can definitely be considered both an art and a science. Nowhere is that more obvious than with you YouTube titles. In my previous article I showed you the fundamentals of piecing together the perfect YouTube Video title (the science) and now it’s time for the art. This is the part where you put on […]

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How To Write The Perfect YouTube Video Title

youtube video titles

Titles are one of the cornerstones of a successful YouTube channel. They are advertisements for your video and channel, and also have enormous SEO value. A good video title can be a hook, a promise or a tease and in this article, I’ll show you the fundamentals of creating YouTube titles to outrank and outshine […]

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How to view private YouTube tags with vidIQ Vision

YouTube Tags

Tags are one of the foundations of a successful YouTube channel and getting these right can be the difference between avideo being surfaced, watched and shared or fading into the background. In this article I’ll tell you about a free tool that will help you create YouTube tags like the pros and outline how to […]

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What happened to the YouTube video response feature? | FAQ #1

youtube video response

This question comes from FAQ Tube community member Lisa (check out her YouTube channel here)  I recently watched an older video on YouTube and the call to action was to create and post a “video response” but when I scrolled down below the video I couldn’t see the option to leave one or see any […]

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Increase your YouTube views by creating trend friendly content

Increase views with trending content

If you have the ability (and luck) to start a viral trend then congratulations, it’s not easy. Being a trendsetter is hard. Luckily it’s not essential for success on YouTube and I’d argue that consistently making content that follows trends is a more effective strategy than trying to start one. In my previous post I […]

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Find what’s trending on YouTube & increase your traffic

Trending on youtube

Q: Why did the hipster burn his lips? A: Because he was drinking coffee way before it was cool. Being as cool as a flat white-wielding hipster may not be essential to your YouTube success but keeping up with what’s trending on YouTube is. The reason? Timely and topical content gets searched for more often […]

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