5 YouTube SEO Myths DEBUNKED

youtube seo myths debunked

There are a lot of very helpful people in the YouTube community who have tonnes of sound advice gained from years of experience.

And there are also people who (purposefully or not) give out bad advice, false information and help to spread rumours.

In this article I’ll be cutting through some of these less-than-helpful myths surrounding SEO on YouTube:

 1) Trick X will help you rank higher.

Firstly let me break the bad news.

There are no tricks. There are no shortcuts.

And you certainly won’t hear me promising anything of the sort.

Instead create and release content consistently and make sure the fundamentals of your Tags, Titles, and Thumbnails are rock solid and you’ll see great improvement in the rankings.

The second flaw in these theories is that the concept of ranking on YouTube is very different from Google. Google rankings are personalised but nowhere near as much as they are on YouTube. Because of this it is much harder to get an objective idea of rank for your videos.

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VidCon 2014 YouTube Updates Explained (June 2014)

vidcon 2014 updates

YouTube are known for throwing an unexpected update at Creators but at VidCon 2014 they used their time in the spotlight to announce 9, YES 9, updates that are either in place or coming soon.

You can see the full list of updates here but I wanted to expand on them all a little and tell you how they affect you and what you can do to prepare for them.

What the VidCon 2014 YouTube updates mean for your channel

 1)    YouTube Creator Studio (Released)

There’s always going to be changes that get Creators’ knickers in a twist and of the 9 this is the only one that I can see that is getting peoples’ undies in knots.

Creator Studio is the new home for all of the settings and Video Manager fronted by a Creator dashboard. I understand the move to get closer to a unified experience across all devices but an extra click to get to the Video Manager is proving a pain point for many.

youtube creator studioAs with all YouTube layout changes there’s going to be an adjustment period but as I always say there’s no point in fighting it. Instead get on with the adjustment, explore and get a head start on the competition.

I think the dashboard is super useful and you should check it daily, especially if you have a large amount of videos on your channel or multiple channels. This may highlight something you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise such as an old video having a big spike and you can the go and help to amplify the new activity taking place.

2)    Audio Library, now with sound effects (Released)

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Can I Copy & Paste YouTube Annotations? | FAQ #4

invideo example

This community question comes from Leek Rarebit who is starting out some channels in a very interesting niche. Is there a reliable method to copy annotations from one video to another?  The short and not so sweet answer to the question is unfortunately no. That is apart from having all of your details such as […]

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Where To Go For YouTube Help

youtube monkeys error message

YouTube is a complex platform that changes often and things can easily pass you by. There are also little quirks and hard to find features that aren’t obvious and often times it can leave users in need of help. FAQ Tube is of course the number one destination on the web for YouTube insights, strategy and […]

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Optimize Your YouTube Channel Page For More Views & Subscribers

youtube channel art examples

A YouTube channel page is a shop window. It’s a chance to sell ourselves to new viewers and give them a glimpse of what they can expect to receive should they hit the subscribe button. What does your channel page say about your channel? Is it the best it can be? Is it optimized to […]

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How To Achieve Better YouTube Rankings With Increased Session Times

youtube session time

As far as ranking factors on YouTube go, Session Time is up there with the big boys. Why? Well YouTube don’t have to do much to get people on to their platform, people are linking to it and sharing videos left right and centre, but to make real money they need users to stay around […]

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What are the rules on running a YouTube contest? | FAQ #3

youtube contest hotdog

This question comes from FAQ Tube community member Scott who is doing some amazing work over on his YouTube channel and is achieving some great results. Scott is looking to achieve even more and asked the following: I have a question about running contests, giveaways, etc from my YouTube channel. The rules seem a little blurry.  […]

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How to Optimize YouTube Watch Time & Boost SEO

youtube audience retention graph

There are a number of important ranking factors that YouTube considers when surfacing your videos. Watch time is the mother of all of them. Short or “empty” views are no longer the currency of a good video on YouTube despite the fact that views are the most commonly used statistic to judge a video’s success. […]

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