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YouTube Announces Dedicated Gaming Platform – Gaming.Youtube.Com

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In the last 12 months YouTube’s competitors (or wannabe competitors) have been announcing and launching features almost weekly, that aim to knock YouTube off of it’s throne as king of short form video.


Vessel launched it’s new platform back in March to much fanfare, Facebook has totally side-lined YouTube video on it’s platform in order to promote it’s native player and it looks like Twitter will follow suit. This doesn’t even take into account that work behind the scenes by the likes of Spotify, AOL, Hulu and Yahoo.

However I've always been of the opinion that if anyone had the nouse and operational power to rival YouTube it would be Amazon who already power HUGE swathes of the internet (including Netflix and Spotify no less).

They quietly tested with short form video in July of last year but their biggest warning shot came in August when they purchased Gaming streaming Platform Twitch for just shy of a Billion dollars.

It was time for YouTube to take notice. And now they have taken action.

Earlier this week on an official Blog Post, YouTube announced a dedicated Website and App solely for Gaming videos and streams.

youtube gaming on devices

It is set to launch later in the summer and you can currently sign up for updates here but so far the blog post has teased features such as:

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create youtube playlist

How To Make A YouTube Playlist

create youtube playlist

This is part 14 of my How To Start A YouTube Channel Series

We now have our channel spic and span both in terms of optimized settings and optimized for the viewing public.

This means two things. Firstly that you're inviting YouTube to promote you due to what you've told it with the settings. Secondly, now that people are dropping by you are converting them from browsers to viewers and subscribers with your professional and attractive channel page.

The final thing for us to do is fill our channel with Sections. Even in the early days when you have just a few uploads this is important as it shows that you have lots to offer, even if not all of the videos are yours.

To be able to fill up your sections with at optimized YouTube playlists link you're going to need to create some custom ones and not rely on just the auto-generated ones.

Check out the short video below to see exactly how to put one together (or watch it on the official FAQ Tube channel) and then check below for my 6 top tips for playlist creation.

6 Tips for Creating YouTube Playlists

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outube connected accounts

How To Connect Your YouTube Channel To Twitter & Facebook (Update March 2015)

outube connected accounts

Tom Martin Editor Quick Update from the Editor March 2015​As Of March 2015 YouTube no longer provides the option to connect your account to Facebook. Also previous links with Facebook will be broken and the option to post direct to Facebook has gone. This is part 8 of my How To Start A YouTube Channel […]

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