Embed A Youtube Video With Custom Start & End Points

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Embedding a YouTube video on your website can be great for the SEO of your website (and the YouTube video you’ve embedded) as it improves the average session time on your page.

It also adds to the user experience making them more likely to consume more of your content as it lends you more authority in your niche.

However it can be a problem if only a section of the video is relevant to your audience and not all of it. It may also be a problem if the video is top and tailed with the branding of the person who created the video.

Fear not, it is very simple to add a custom start and end point to the video so that it can be stripped of branding and any irrelevant content.

Here’s an example using one of my all time greatest lines taken from one of my all time favourite YouTube videos:

Full Video

Custom Embed

Follow these simple steps as I show you how I created the above and you’ll be able to create a totally customize YouTube embed: Continue reading…

Get More YouTube Views For Your Old Videos | FAQ #5

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This question comes from @salemiscreative via twitter.

Do you have any advice about how to get an old popular video that is stale more attention?

The freshness of a video is a huge ranking factor for the YouTube algorithm and because of this it can be easy to get hung up on your latest video.

There’s nothing wrong with this but if your latest video is your only focus you’re in trouble.

Yes you should be heavily promoting your newest creation but it’s worth remembering that the bulk of your channel views come from your older videos via Suggested Videos and Search.

Follow these 9 steps and you’ll not only make your older videos easier to find but also make them impossible not to click on.

9 steps for increasing YouTube views on older videos  Continue reading…

Improve Your Site’s SEO With YouTube Backlinks

youtube video description links

The Internet is built on Backlinks. It’s Google’s number one factor in discovering and ranking websites and without doubt the source of those backlinks is becoming increasingly important. YouTube is one of the largest and most visited sites in the world and if its Domain Authority of 100 isn’t enough it’s also owned by Google […]

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Create An Unsubscribed Trailer To Increase YouTube Subscribers

smosh unsubscribed trailer

An optimized YouTube Channel Page is a great way to showcase your channel and what it has to offer and the most important element of this is undoubtedly the Unsubscribed Trailer or Channel Trailer. This video plays automatically when someone visits your channel and is your best chance to convert them from a browser into […]

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5 YouTube SEO Myths DEBUNKED

youtube seo myths debunked

There are a lot of very helpful people in the YouTube community who have tonnes of sound advice gained from years of experience. And there are also people who (purposefully or not) give out bad advice, false information and help to spread rumours. In this article I’ll be cutting through some of these less-than-helpful myths […]

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VidCon 2014 YouTube Updates Explained (June 2014)

vidcon 2014 updates

YouTube are known for throwing an unexpected update at Creators but at VidCon 2014 they used their time in the spotlight to announce 9, YES 9, updates that are either in place or coming soon. You can see the full list of updates here but I wanted to expand on them all a little and […]

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Can I Copy & Paste YouTube Annotations? | FAQ #4

invideo example

This community question comes from Leek Rarebit who is starting out some channels in a very interesting niche. Is there a reliable method to copy annotations from one video to another?  The short and not so sweet answer to the question is unfortunately no. That is apart from having all of your details such as […]

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Where To Go For YouTube Help

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YouTube is a complex platform that changes often and things can easily pass you by. There are also little quirks and hard to find features that aren’t obvious and often times it can leave users in need of help. FAQ Tube is of course the number one destination on the web for YouTube insights, strategy and […]

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